Online Degree Program

A Quick Look at SNC
  • Founded in 1969
  • Traditional, not-for-profit institution
  • Regionally accredited by the NWCCU
  • Flexible with transfer credits
  • Faculty who teach on-ground & online
  • Individualized instruction
  • Small class sizes
  • Engaging curriculum
  • Student-specific subject matter


The Online Degree Program (ODP) is designed for students who need the flexibility of an online program, but want the quality education and individualized experience that only a regionally accredited, not-for-profit, liberal arts college can provide.  Online students can complete a cumulative 4-year degree and/or select our degree completion option.

Founded in 1969, SNC offers small class sizes and experienced faculty, and is the ideal choice for working professionals who want to become leaders in their current industries, start new careers, or create business ventures of their own.  An online education at SNC is one of the best values in higher education, and we provide a personalized financial aid estimate prior to enrollment to ensure its affordability.

Please see the Graduation Requirements for our online programs and our Course Catalog for course descriptions.

Admissions Requirements

After completing the free online application, applicants wishing to receive transfer credit can email copies of transcripts from their prior institution(s)  to, so that an admissions counselor can provide the applicant with an estimate of transferable credits. The degrees offered in the ODP are designed with a generous allotment of elective credit, and each applicant’s credits are evaluated with the goal of utilizing as many prior credits as possible.  First time freshmen will need to send in copies of their official transcripts, personal essay, and a letter of recommendation prior to  being accepted. Students may enter the online program at the beginning of any semester.

Program Format

SNC’s online degree program cycles on a three semester system including fall, spring, and summer. Fall and spring semesters contain three 6-week modules and the summer semester contains two 6-week modules. Given the compressed nature of online courses into 6-week modules, it is recommended students take 1-2 courses per module to maintain full time status, however, this is customizable based on preexisting commitments and financial aid.

Online Degree Core Curriculum Requirements


  1. Students entering with a completed A.A. or any bachelors’ degree may complete their core curriculum requirements by taking Ethics (PHIL 400) and the Nevada Constitution requirement; the latter may be transferred from any Nevada college.
  2. Students entering without an A.A. degree may complete their core curriculum by completing the following, by transferring or taking these courses:
    • English Composition (6)
    • College Math (3)
    • Breadth requirements (One three-credit course per category; a list of appropriate courses is available from the Registrar or from advisors)
      1. Natural Science
      2. Social Science and Business
      3. Humanities and Arts
    • Ethics (3)
    • United States and Nevada Constitution (1)

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Online Admissions Office with any questions at any time during the admissions process. SNC has a dedicated team who will help applicants make informed, unpressured decisions to determine if the SNC online program is truly the right fit for them. Applicants will be able to determine their transferable credits, timeline to graduate, tuition costs, and financial aid before enrolling.

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