Freshman Applicants

The SNC Admissions Team looks at the Whole You. After we review your GPA, high school curriculum and test scores, we put the official paperwork aside and look at the real you.

It’s important that you give us as much information as possible to gain a true picture of who you are. We pay special attention to your personal statement, academic letter(s) of recommendation, and leadership in your school and community. Though an interview is not required, we encourage you to visit SNC and talk with us in person.

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Your Academic Record

Your application will be considered for standard acceptance if you have a minimum 2.6 cumulative Grade Point Average to date, and SAT Math and Critical Reading scores above 400 or an ACT comprehensive score above 19.

If your GPA is 2.8 or higher you will automatically be considered for a merit-based scholarship. Incoming freshman students with a 3.5 GPA and/or scores of 1250 combined on the SAT I or 28 on the ACT are eligible to apply for the Honors Program.

We expect that you have successfully completed a college preparatory curriculum. Typically, this includes four years of English, three years of mathematics (including two years of algebra and one of geometry), two years of social studies, and two years of laboratory science; two years of a foreign language are encouraged but not required. You may be eligible for transfer credits for A.P. and other advanced coursework completed during high school.

We recognize that not everyone follows a traditional path through high school. If you have a Home School or high school equivalency diploma, or your academic record falls outside our standards, your application will still be considered. It is especially important that you provide as much information as possible to help us understand your unique situation.

The Admissions Process

The admissions process can be intimidating! We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions. During the fall semester, the Admissions staff is traveling to college fairs and high schools all over the country – come by a fair to chat in person or ask your guidance counselor if an SNC representative will be visiting your school.

SNC Online Application   the Common Application   SNC Paper Application

You are a freshman applicant if you are attending college after receiving a high school diploma (or equivalency), or a college students who has earned less than 15 credits.

There is no fee to apply, and admission is considered on a rolling status based on space availability. In most cases, you will receive an admission decision within two weeks once your application file is complete.

Required Documents

  • Completed application
  • Your official high school transcript
  • SAT or ACT scores (the SNC College Board CEEB Code is 4757)
  • Optional: SNC School Report Form or Letter of Recommendation
  • Optional: Personal statement or essay

Special Circumstances

Home Schooled Students

Home-schooled students must submit a curriculum list and course descriptions. In addition, home-schooled students must submit an SAT or ACT score report including two SAT subject tests, one in mathematics and one in English Literature or History.

Admission with High School Equivalency Degree

A high school equivalency degree is accepted in place of a regular high school diploma. However, applicants with a high school equivalency receive close scrutiny to determine if they have the appropriate academic experience to succeed at Sierra Nevada College. Applicants must have a minimum score of 50 in each sub-category, and must include a detailed personal essay discussing why they left school and why they wish to enroll at Sierra Nevada College. We also require an official ACT or SAT score report. A personal interview with a member of the Admission staff may be required.

Provisional Acceptance

Students whose academic record falls outside our standards may be eligible for Provisional Acceptance. These students will receive additional mentoring and support services, and must maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Transfer Credits for Freshman Applicants

College Credit while in High School

Entering first-year students who have taken college courses during their junior or senior year of high school or in the summer prior to entering Sierra Nevada College must report such work to the Office of Admission. At the student’s request, the College Registrar will determine whether such work will receive credit at Sierra Nevada College.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

The Advanced Placement Examinations of the College Board usually are taken during the senior year of high school in conjunction with certain courses. Depending on the subject, three to six semester credits of college credit may be granted for each AP examination in which a student earns a score of 5, 4, or 3. Official notification from the College Board must be provided to the College in order for the student to gain such credit.

International Baccalaureate Exam (IB)

Three to six semester credits of College credit will be granted for each IB exam in which a student earns a score of 7, 6 or 5. Official notification from the IB Program must be provided to the College in order for the student to gain such credit.

Military Credit

Students may be granted credit for military school courses according to the recommendations for institutions of higher education in the appropriate volume of the American Council of Education’s Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. The student must provide the Registrar with an official Armed Forces transcript in order to have such credit evaluated.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

SNC grants credit for the CLEP examinations. Please contact the college for further details.