Teacher Recertification Program offers graduate-level professional development courses to the teachers of Nevada.

Teacher Recertification

The Teacher Recertification Program at Sierra Nevada College delivers high quality graduate-level college staff development courses to the teachers of Nevada.

The teacher recertification courses satisfy the State of Nevada requirement that all licensed teachers demonstrate professional growth in order to qualify for the renewal of their teaching license. Teacher Recertification graduate-level courses do not comprise a complete graduate program, but may be used to:

  1. Satisfy license/recertification requirements
  2. For professional advancement, when approved by the relevant district office
  3. Satisfy some graduate degree requirements, when pre-approved by the graduate institution

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Graduate-Level Courses & College Credit

Teacher Recertification 500 Level Courses:  Sierra Nevada College at Lake Tahoe is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges and is authorized to offer coursework through the Teacher Recertification Division. All recertification classes are taught at the graduate level (500 level) and are offered in the areas of:  Gifted and Talented, TESL, and TESL/Bilingual.  These classes may also be used towards endorsements in those fields.

For each credit offered, 15 hours of student/teacher contact time is required.  All recertification classes are taught by teachers who are currently teaching in the field of instruction, or who have a particular expertise in that field.  Instructors must possess a Master’s degree or higher to teach a course. To accommodate teachers, classes are offered late afternoons, evenings and weekends.  Classes are taught in various locations around the State of Nevada.

TESL and Recertification classes are given frequently.  Please contact Beth Bouchard at 775.831.1314 ext. 7459 or bbouchard@sierranevada.edu for more information on class schedules.


Teacher Recertification faculty are experts in their fields and must possess a Masters Degree or higher.   A majority of the teaching staff are practicing professionals in the public schools of Nevada.  The Director of Teacher Recertification, Director of Teacher Education, and Dean of Faculty have final approval of faculty.


Attendance Policy:  In order for credit to be earned by the course participant, attendance is mandatory at all sessions.  Absence may result in a failing grade being assigned.

Withdrawal Policy:  A workshop participant may request withdrawal from a course.  The student must submit the request in writing to the instructor before the end of the last class session.  The instructor will submit the written request along with a recommendation to Sierra Nevada College for action.  A withdrawal will result in the recording of a “W” (no effect) on the student’s record.

Incomplete Grade Policy:  An incomplete grade is given to a student only under unusual circumstances.  Please contact Beth Bouchard at SNC for more information (phone: 775-831-1314 ext. 7459, or fax: 775-832-1686).

How to Register

On the first day of class, the instructor will provide a Sierra Nevada College Teacher Recertification class registration form to be completed by the participant.  Return the completed form along with a check payable to Sierra Nevada College to the instructor.

Official Transcript Information

TranscriptsOrder via the National Student Clearinghouse

How Do I Submit a Course Proposal For College Credit?

We are pleased to offer a partnership in delivering a professional development workshop for college credit to teachers in Nevada.  Upon request, a packet of materials necessary to apply for Sierra Nevada College college credit will be mailed to qualified applicants.  Applicants are expected to have already submitted a proposal to the Nevada Department of Education or the sponsoring school district for in-service credit.  To request an application packet, contact Beth Bouchard (phone:  775-831-1314 ext. 7459).

Course Proposal Review Process:  When this office receives a completed proposal, the review and approval process will be initiated.  Teacher recertification courses are reviewed by the Coordinator of Teacher Recertification, the Teacher Education Director, and the Dean of Faculty as to content, background of instructor, and outside assignments.  The coding of the courses is based on the content area covered in the course.  All courses are methods courses; students must be graduates in order to attend.  As soon as a decision is reached regarding your course proposal, you will be contacted.

Contact us to learn more about Sierra Nevada College’s recertification program.