MAT Online Courses FAQ

Sierra Nevada College students are now able to take select MAT program courses online in a new ‘blended’ program of online and on-ground courses. Online courses at Sierra Nevada College are comparable in content and quality to the ground classes—the only difference is the medium for delivery.

Why Online?
Convenience.  Students who cannot travel to the campus at the times and locations the ground courses are offered can access these courses anytime, anywhere.  Online courses will also allow you to brush up on your technology skills, familiarize yourself with internet resources and research, and provide you the experience you need to help use technology well with your own students.  Participation—you will always be able to contribute to discussions!

What’s special about SNC courses online?

All courses are based on a constructivist philosophy of education focusing on student learning and engagement and courses are socially mediated so you will have the opportunity to engage with and learn from your instructor and fellow classmates.

What if I have problems understanding something in the course?

Your instructor is there to help and guide you—email or call your instructor for assistance.

Where do I go to take examinations?
High stakes, proctored examinations are not consistent with the educational philosophy of the program and are not included.  Students produce original, creative, and useful work that will help them as they prepare to be teachers and all assignments are submitted online through the course interface.

When do I go to class?
You go to class whenever you want—from the day the class ‘opens’ to the day the class ‘closes’.  Students log on and off at their convenience and student participation is asynchronous.

What is the structure of the courses?
Every course starts on a specified date and ends on a specified date.  Units within the courses are designated for a week each and assignments throughout the course have specific due dates.

Where would I “take” the classes?
You take the course from home, work, the library, a friend’s place—anywhere you have computer that is connected to the Internet.  Morning, afternoon, evening or deep into the night—whenever it works for you from wherever you are.

Do I work alone?
You will complete most of your assignments individually, though many courses have specific tasks that require you to work with fellow students in a group. Discussions, of course, involve all the students in the class engaging in inquiry and analysis.

Can I start the course when I want and end it when I can?
No.  There is a group experience that is integral to the courses and participation throughout the duration of the course is essential to your learning.

Where do I get materials to use for my course research?

SNC offers extensive online library resources and librarian support to help you find what you need.