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The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a two – phase program that leads to both a master’s degree and a teaching credential. Learn innovative strategies to teach diverse students effectively. Nurture a secure future for yourself and your students. Build a lifelong commitment to reflective teaching grounded in sound educational theory, classroom experience, and research skills.

The Degree Requirements for the Master of Arts in Teaching degree program consist of 41 – 48 credits, depending on the license, and may be completed part-time or full-time. All classes are scheduled so students can complete the program while working. Students who want their teaching license only may enroll as a non-pursuing degree student (NPD) and complete Phase I only.

License Areas

TESL: Students can qualify for an additional endorsement in Teaching English as a Second Language by completing 12 additional credits online.

 Phase I – Teaching Credential

includes all the requirements to obtain a standard teaching license in Nevada for elementary, secondary, dual level (elementary and secondary), or special education (general or autism). Students take foundation courses in effective teaching practices and classroom management, teaching with technology, and evaluation and assessment, and methods courses and a school-based practicum in their chosen area.

Required Testing for licensing is completed before student teaching begins.

Student Teaching is an integral part of the program and the culmination of the first phase. A weekly seminar to brings student teachers and SNC faculty together to discuss teaching strategies, classroom experiences, and employment opportunities.

Phase II – Master’s Degree

demonstrates the student’s understanding of the theoretical frameworks that guide teaching practices, leading to the Masters Degree. Students design a Professional Project or submit a Thesis that reflects their academic readings and professional experience, articulates a coherent philosophy and vision to raise student achievement, and engages critically with a relevant educational issue.

ARL – Jump Start Your Career

Teach while you complete your education! Alternative Route to Licensing provides opportunities for aspiring teachers in the MAT program to earn a professional income and gain valuable classroom experience in districts with teacher shortages.


  • Complete first semester MAT courses: EDUC 560 and EDUC 565 (Elementary and Secondary) or EDUC 555 (Special Education)
  • Pass all required licensing testing
  • Receive a job offer from a participating school district

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  • Understand historical, social, cultural, and diversity issues that influence education policies and practices
  • Know how children and/or adolescents develop and learn
  • Establish and communicate learning goals to students
  • Communicate high expectations for all students
  • Track student progress and celebrate student success
  • Develop effective lessons organized into cohesive units
  • Help all students effectively interact with new knowledge
  • Provide students with ways to practice and deepen their understanding of new knowledge
  • Instruct all students to generate and test hypotheses about new knowledge
  • Engage all students in learning
  • Establish and maintain classroom rules and procedures
  • Recognize and acknowledge student adherence or lack of adherence to classroom rules and procedures
  • Recognize and maintain effective relationships with students
  • Use research and reflection to refine classroom pedagogy
  • Use technology effectively for assessment and instruction