Student Teaching

One semester (14 weeks) of full time supervised student teaching experience in the classroom is required during the final semester of Phase I, leading to licensure. Student teaching placements are arranged by the Teacher Education Department.

Student teaching can be arranged in a variety of communities so students can do their student teaching where they would like to work. (There is an extra fee for student teaching assignments outside of a one-hundred mile radius of your campus.) Substitute teaching experience cannot replace your supervised student teaching semester.

Students are assigned to “lead teachers” in their school, and have an SNC supervisor who makes regular visits to observe and meet with the student and lead teacher.

Seminars bring student teachers together in a positive support group to promote professional growth with information about employment requirements, skills for seeking employment, effective teaching practices, and opportunities to share teaching experiences.

Student Teaching Requirements

Applicants for supervised student teaching must:

  1. Be fully admitted into the Teacher Education Program and have completed all Phase 1 course work.
  2. Have maintained an overall 3.0 GPA or higher in the teacher education courses. Secondary Licensure candidates must have had a 3.0 GPA or higher in their major teaching field.
  3. Be qualified in the professional judgement of Sierra Nevada College.
  4. Complete all required testing prior to applying to student teach: Praxis Core or CBEST, Praxis II PLT or Pedagogy, and the Secondary Content Knowledge Praxis II Exam if applicable.
  5. Obtain a Nevada substitute license as required by assigned school district: fill out an initial licensure application for the State of Nevada, submit a current transcript, submit fingerprints on cards provided by the state, and pay a fee.
  6. Complete Nevada School Law, Nevada Constitution, and United States Constitution exam or course equivalent.