Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Use knowledge about the structure and acquisition of language to develop teaching methods and curriculum adapted to the learning styles and cultures of non-native English speakers.

As you learn to teach ESL, understanding historical methods and current best practices will become valuable tools. You will learn hands-on assessment tools to clarify and address the factors that affect your students’ academic performance. You will better understand cultural influences, to help you recognize and appreciate your students’ accomplishments and communicate with students and parents.

Learn and practice literacy development for English Language Learners (ELL) with classroom techniques that promote academic achievement.

When you graduate, you’ll have thorough knowledge of TESL concepts and experience in applying them according to best practices. The curriculum meets both the Nevada State TESL endorsement requirement and InTASC Standards.

Teaching English as a Second Language Curriculum
ELEC 102Online Training0
TLDR 501Understanding Teachers as Leaders3
TLDR 502Understanding Community Leadership3
TLDR 503Understanding Practical Advocacy3
TEACHING SPECIALIZATION: Teaching English as a Second Language
TESL 564Language Development, Structure and Acquisition3
TESL 562Developing Curriculum for Non-Native English Speaking Students3
TESL 563Methods and Materials for Teaching Non-Native English Speaking Students3
TESL 561Assessment Considerations and Non-Native Speaking Students3
TESL 565Teaching Language Arts-Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing for English Language Learners3
TESL 566Theories of Second Language-Linguistics and Cultural Diversity for English Language Learners3
TLDR 601Exploring Applied Leadership3
TLDR 602Collaborative Leadership3
TLDR 603Leadership in Action3
TLDR 605Action Plan Publication(APP) (optional)5
Total Degree Credits:38*

*39 with optional TLDR 605