MEd in Administrative Leadership (ALDR)

Acquire the advanced skills needed to be an effective leaders of people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and learning styles.

Students in the administrative leadership program learn theories that enable effective management of people within an organization. Administrative training programs instill principles of leadership and supervision that drive instructional improvements. Developing personnel and personal success go hand in hand with theories, principles and practices for designing curricula, including Diversity Education. The administrative training degree includes in-depth knowledge of public education legal issues and attention is also given to how public school finance works within specific state regulations.

Completing our program confirms your ability to understand and apply leadership skills and concepts to given situations and in individual practice, as well as analyze best practices and apply appropriate theory to real world situations.

Administrative Leadership Curriculum
Applied Theory
ELEC 102* Online Training 0
TLDR 501 Understanding Teachers as Leaders 3
TLDR 502 Understanding Community Leadership 3
TLDR 503 Understanding Practical Advocacy 3
Teaching Specialization: Administrative Leadership
ALDR 501 Examining Theories of Organizational Leadership and Administration 3
ALDR 502 Exploring School Finance 3
ALDR 503 Understanding School Law 3
ALDR 504 Leadership and Supervision: Considerations for Instruction 3
ALDR 505 Strategies for Personal Success: Developing Personnel 3
ALDR 506 Curriculum Design and Development in Education 3
Applied Leadership
TLDR 601 Exploring Applied Leadership 3
TLDR 602 Collaborative Leadership 3
TLDR 603 Leadership in Action 3
Total Degree Credits: 36
Additional Requirements for Nevada Endorsement
TLDR 599 Educational Research 3
TLDR 605 Internship Course 6
Total with Additional Nevada Endorsement Credits: 45