William Hutchison | Pattern Bars – Advanced Kiln-Formed Glass

TBA, 2015


In this weeklong workshop we will explore multiple ways to create interesting pattern bars for use as design elements in fused work or stand alone pieces. The glory hole will be used to further manipulate creating patterns otherwise not achievable.  We will discuss various ways of cutting the bars for different looks or effects.

This class is designed for students wanting to push some limits and looking forward to a challenge.  Glass cutting experience is required.


Carole and William’s Hutchison Studio concentrates on glass. The work is both functional and sculptural. The bowls and platters are linear with precision, interesting colors, and patterns. The sculptural forms are cast to be able to interchange. The Hutchison’s work as a team developing ideas to create art forms. Carole started with stained glass as a hobby. In 1989 she went to Boyce Ludstrom’s Camp Colton to learn about glass fusing. It changed the direction of the work. She went to Sierra Nevada College and graduated with a BFA in 2000. William was interested in the processes and equipment. He has a background in fine woodworking with a precision influence from 5 years in a machine shop. They have taught a two‐week course in glass fusing at Sierra Nevada College for 8 years. Their work has been displayed in galleries, exhibitions and private collections.