Sculpture: Mold Making and Casting | TBA, 2015


Heavy Routine Ryan
Heavy Routine-Detail Ryan
Middle Management Ryan

This workshop employs various mold making methods to cast objects in materials from aluminum to soap to resins and beyond.  By utilizing a shift in materials of recognizable objects we will allow for new meaning and interpretations behind their powerful symbolic place within our culture.

We will cover silicone and urethane rubber mold making, as well as Dermagel body casting, and sand molds for a cast aluminum project.  The course will include multiple slide lectures, demonstrations, technical support during mold making and casting, as well as covering a variety of installation techniques to elevate the work to the next level.



Ryan Carrington currently teaches at San Jose State University as a lecturer, teaching sculpture, foundry, and mold making.  He received his MFA in spatial art from SJSU, and earned his BFA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in ceramics and woodworking.  Ryan also spent 18 months as an artist-in-residence at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado, an experience he equates with having as much impact on his art as any of his formal education.

His work addresses the shift in public perspective in classifying blue and white-collar workers in the United States.  It deals with a wide range of issues that connect labor, class, work ethic, and economics with his personal history and family.  Using cast objects, construction materials, and tools that combine craftsmanship with symbolic irony, he is able to communicate his thoughts, ideas, and memories on themes of labor.