The Art of Japan

The Art of Japan | May 19th – June 4th, 2015

$4,500 Includes: tuition, flights, rail pass, hotels, select meals

Take an amazing trip to Japan this summer! We’ll visit mostly western Japan, going to various art museums, castles, temples, shrines, and art studios. We’ll participate in some hands-on art workshops and get to experience Japanese culture, not to mention the food, which is divine! Register ASAP!







Tentative Itinerary

May 19th – Leave for Japan from San Francisco, CA – SFO

May 21st – 24th – Kumamoto

  • Kumamoto Castle
  • Kumamoto Comtemporary Art Museum
  • Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center – Higo Workshop – Jewelry inlay
  • Gyobutei Samurai House
  • Honmary-goten Palace

May 24th – 26th – Gokanosho

  • En route – stop at tea shop in Hitoyoshi – learn about Japanese tea and enjoy tea and snack
  • Aoi Aso Shrine – National Treasure
  • Visit Waterfall – breathtaking!
  • Shodo Workshop – Japanese Calligraphy – learn how to write some Japanese with brush and ink
  • Gokanosho Museum
  • Stay at Heike-so – a special small inn with incredible Japanese dinners and wonderful breakfasts. A unique and memorable experience.

May 26th – 28th – Yatsushiro

  • Partake in authentic, formal tea ceremony at the Shohinken Tea House built in 1688.
  • Kimono shop – learn about traditional Japanese clothing
  • Kodayaki Pottery demonstration – 13th generation potter since 1602

May 28th – 31st – Unzen

  • En route – visit Tokoji Zen temple. Experience Zen meditation and learn about Buddhism.
  • Enjoy natural hot springs – Onsen in Unzen, which has a European influence.
  • Visit local pottery
  • Glass gallery
  • Indigo dyeing workshop

May 31st – June 4th – Kyoto

  • Kinkaku, or the golden pavilion – Gorgeous Zen temple and garden
  • Kyoto Gosho –  Imperial Palace
  • Travel to Shigaraki – “pottery town”
  • Travel to the temples at Nara

June 4th – Return to US – SFO

Early registration is recommended.


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