Foundations and Futures: A Papermaking Intensive | June 9 – 13, 2014

The Great Mountain, Kailash Memories I
Kailash Memories e
 Carol making paper


This class is an introduction to the skills and techniques of paper making. This is a very concentrated week in the studio. We will learn an array of papermaking skills, training students in making styles of papers from various cultures. Students will explore paper making for print arts, book arts and graphic design projects. Emphasis is on materials, processes and techniques. The class is an open lab where the students can work after class, practicing their craft and making their projects. Students should bring non-bleeding collage elements to add to their papers, i.e. old papers, unwanted prints or drawings, fabric scraps, string, etc.



Pursuing a lifelong interest in art and in Asia, I graduated from UC Berkeley majoring in Studio Art with extensive Chinese language studies as well. I had my first experience making paper while I was an art student. That experience was a turning point in my art studies. I love papermaking!

After graduation, I completed a yearlong internship at Magnolia Editions, a papermaking studio in Oakland, where I learned production papermaking and Japanese papermaking.  My handmade paper has been part of my work ever since.

I co-founded a papermaking project in Tibet: we completed a world class papermaking studio at an orphanage for disabled children, and they continue to make and sell papers to generate income for the orphanage.

My language studies led me to years of travel throughout Asia, and I’ve made paper or researched papermaking in Tibet, Nepal, Taiwan, Japan, China, Vietnam, Laos and Korea.

I teach papermaking for the Academy of Art in San Francisco and for Magnolia Editions in Oakland. I make my own paper as part of my art process.  I also teach private printmaking classes on my own presses.