Meet Our Science Students

Science major Makenzie OConnor waves to camera

Makenzie O'Connor

Major: Environmental Science and Ecology, Outdoor Adventure Leadership

Class of 2016

I began my experience at SNC with a Yosemite backpacking trip, and immediately felt connected to the world in an entirely different way. For my senior research methods course, I designed a study to research the effects of prolonged wet and dry periods on soil denitrification in wetlands of the Sierra Nevada. Denitrification is an incredibly important ecological process by which nitrates are removed from soil and runoff, and it hasn't been studied in Sierra mountain environments! . . . Read More

Nicole Lutkemuller, Science Major, speaks about her research at student symposium

Nicole Lutkemuller

Major: Environmental Science and Ecology

Class of 2012

As a junior majoring in Environmental Science and Ecology, SNC science student Nicole Lutkemuller showed that she could identify lodge pole pines on satellite images from the wavelengths of light reflecting off the trees’ needles. . . . Read More

Zachary Pritchard, Environmental Science and Ecology major, spends time researching around the Lake Tahoe Basin

Zachary Pritchard

Major: Environmental Science and Ecology

Class of 2011

SNC captured Zach’s attention because of the unmatchable environmental and ecological conditions in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The amount of attention paid over the years to the preservation and restoration of North America’s largest alpine lake—Lake Tahoe—has turned the region into a haven for scientific research. . . . Read More

Ashley Vander Meer, a Biology, Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Environmental Science major, tests water in Incline Village

Ashley Vander Meer

Major: Biology, Interdisciplinary Studies in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Environmental Science

Class of 2014

In the fall of 2012, I worked on the restoration of Rosewood Creek for my service learning.  The main cause of the restoration is to reduce sediment loading into Lake Tahoe by restoring a 7,200 foot section of Rosewood Creek between Northwood Boulevard and Tahoe Boulevard in Incline Village, Nevada. . . . Read More

Gus Tjenagel, Science major, holding tank with non-native fish to put in Truckee River

Gus Tjernagel

Major: Environmental Science and Ecology

Class of 2017

My passion for the environment sparked my interest in conservation and ecology. My favorite experiences here at SNC have been field classes that involve camping out for days in the wilderness with like-minded people. . . . Read More

Kimberly Oyervides

Major: Environmental Science and Ecology

Class of 2016

I’ve always had a passion for science, and how things work and influence each other. I chose to purse a degree in environmental science knowing that it would give me a opportunity to get a job working outdoors were I love to be. Now that I've graduated I'm working for a private company as a forester, coordinating with the USFS and BLM. . . . Read More