Science & Technology

Get a strong foundation for success in environmental science, environmental policy, and biology disciplines with challenging coursework and many opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills.

Experiential learning in lab and field courses teach real-world skills, and students are provided with ample internship and research opportunities that foster entrepreneurial thinking. All of the sustainabilities—environmental, social, economic, and educational—are integrated into and woven throughout the curriculum and modeled by the science faculty.

Students say it Best…

Nicole Lutkemuller

Major: Environmental Science and Ecology

Class of 2012

As a junior majoring in Environmental Science and Ecology, SNC science student Nicole Lutkemuller showed that she could identify lodge pole pines on satellite images from the wavelengths of light reflecting off the trees’ needles. . . . Read More

Zachary Pritchard

Major: Environmental Science and Ecology

Class of 2011

SNC captured Zach’s attention because of the unmatchable environmental and ecological conditions in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The amount of attention paid over the years to the preservation and restoration of North America’s largest alpine lake—Lake Tahoe—has turned the region into a haven for scientific research. . . . Read More