Students design a course of study which allows them to integrate writing, multimedia creation and technology in both practical and theoretical applications.

Digital Arts & Journalism

This interdisciplinary major blends the strengths of our Fine Arts department in visual design, photography, design, video practices, digital darkroom and more with the strengths of our English department and Journalism program.


Interdisciplinary Majors in Digital Arts and Journalism will:

  1. Develop, research, and write news stories and develop corresponding skills in photography, video, and multimedia applications;
  2. Recognize categories of journalism, make judgments about its value, write competently using AP style and make ethical choices in regard to media coverage, practices and production;
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of design, photo, video, and web techniques to capture and shape content into a story;
  4. Use appropriate software to create journalistic multimedia, as well as general layout and design of newspapers both in print and online and be able to critique and edit media writing, image, and video;
  5. Demonstrate awareness of interdisciplinary links between the fine arts, digital arts and journalism both conceptually and in practice.

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Katherine Zanto
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Chair


Digital Arts and Journalism Requirements:

Interdisciplinary Requirements
INTD 250 Principles Interdisciplinary Studies 3
INTD 300 Service Learning 3
INTD 493 Senior Portfolio 3
Total Credits:   9
DART Requirements
DESG 132 Foundations of Visual Design 3
PHTG 240 or 250 Beginning Photojournalism or Photography 3
DART 230 Beginning Digital Darkroom 3
DART 220 Beginning Video Practices 3
DART 320, 330, PHTG 340, or 350 Intermediate Video Practices, Digital Darkroom,
Photojournalism, or Photography
DART 420,430, PHTG 440 or 450 Advanced Video Practices, Digital Darkroom,
Photojournalism or Photography
ARTH 302 Modern Art History 3
DART 305 Web Design 3
Upper Division
Art Elective
With advisor, choose from DART 352 Analog/ Digital Audio
Production, DART 480 Special Topics, an advanced DART or
FNAR 380/381 Advanced Studio and Junior Art Portfolio
Total Credits:   27
English & Journalism Requirements
ENGL 204 Introduction to Creative Non-fiction Workshop 3
ENGL 240 Introduction to Journalism 3
ENGL 340 Journalism Workshop 3
ENGL 440 Journalism Workshop II 3
ENGL 290 Introduction to Multimedia Communications 3
ENGL 375 Intermediate Multimedia Journalism Workshop 3
ENGL 345 Journalism Workshop: Eagle’s Eye Editors 3
BLAW 240 Media Law and Ethics 3
Upper Division Electives With advisor, choose 2 classes from the following: ENGL 445
Advanced Editing, ENGL 475 Advanced Multimedia
Journalism Workshop, ENGL 304 Intermediate Creative
Nonfiction, or ENGL 307 Travel and Adventure Writing,
BLAW 410 Intellectual Property, Upper Division INTL course
ex: INTL 420 International Terrorism and the Peace Process .
Total Credits:   30
TOTAL DART and JRNL Major Requirements: 66
General Education Core Requirements: 30
Electives: 24
Total Credits:   120

*Requirements listed above are for the 2013-2014 Catalog. For other years check past catalogs or graduation requirements.