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This interdisciplinary major prepares students to be media content creators in a digital world. Built on a strong foundation of journalism skills, ethics and practices, this major emphasizes convergent storytelling using multimedia tools such as video, photography, audio, social media and print. Fine arts classes ensure a digital competency, including web design and video practices, while business classes foster an understanding of economics and marketing. Students design a course of study that allows them to link journalism, business, and digital arts, encouraging entrepreneurial responses to emerging trends in a new media landscape.


Interdisciplinary Majors in New Media Journalism will:

  1. Report, write, and edit high-quality media content; (P)
  2. Recognize the American media’s role in our democratic system of government by exploring the evolution of various media and its political, social, and economic effects; (L)
  3. Develop storytelling skills for the convergent newsroom, using multimedia, video, print, and online; (P)
  4. Demonstrate ethical decision-making skills as media providers who supply responsible content to the public; (L)
  5. Demonstrate awareness of interdisciplinary links between journalism, business, and digital arts, both conceptually and in practice. (E)

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Interdisciplinary Studies Program Chair
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New Media Journalism Requirements:

Interdisciplinary Requirements
INTD 250 Principles Interdisciplinary Studies 3
INTD 300 Service Learning 3
INTD 493 Senior Portfolio 3
Total Interdisciplinary Credits:   9
English/Journalism Requirements
ENGL 240 Introduction to Journalism 3
ENGL 275 Introduction to Multimedia Communication 3
ENG 307 or other Upper Division Travel and Adventure Writing (or any advisor-approval upper division writing class) 3
ENGL 346 or BLAW 240 Mass Media and American Society or Media Law and Ethics 3
ENGL 340 Journalism Workshop I 3
ENGL 345 Editing I 3
ENGL 440 or ENGL 375 Journalism Workshop II or Intermediate Multimedia Journalism 3
ENGL 445 or ENGL 475 Editing II or Advanced Multimedia Journalism Workshop 3
ENGL 446 Case Studies in Journalism 3
ENGL 447 Data Journalism and Research Techniques 3
Total English/Journalism Requirements:   30
Art Requirements
PHTG 240 Photojournalism 3
DART 220 Beginning Video Practices 3
DART 305 Web Design 3
DART Choose with advisor: Analog/Digital Production, Special Topics, Internship, Intermediate, Advanced Video Practices, Digital Workshop 6
Total Art Requirements:   15
Business Requirements
ECON 102 Macroeconomics 3
INTL 221, INTL 330, INTL 420, or INTL XXX Political and Economic Geography, or other INTL course approved by advisor. Example: International Terrorism and the Peace Process 3
MKTG 201 Introduction to Marketing 3
MKTG 350 or MKTG XXX Online and New Media Marketing, or other advisor approved course. Example: Ethnic and International Marketing 3
Total Business Requirements:   12
Major Requirements 66
General Education Core Requirements 30
Electives 24
Total Credits:   120

*Requirements listed above are based off the 2013-2014 Catalog, for other information check past catalogs or graduation requirements.