Storytelling tools for the convergent newsroom using video, photography, audio, social media and print.

New Media Journalism

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies in New Media Journalism

This interdisciplinary major prepares students to be media content creators in a digital world. Fine arts classes ensure a digital competency, including web design and video practices, while business classes foster an understanding of economics and marketing. Students design a course of study that allows them to link journalism, business, and digital arts, encouraging entrepreneurial responses to emerging trends in a multimedia landscape.


Interdisciplinary Majors in New Media Journalism will:

  1. Report, write, and edit high-quality media content; (P)
  2. Recognize the American media’s role in our democratic system of government by exploring the evolution of various media and its political, social, and economic effects; (L)
  3. Develop storytelling skills for the convergent newsroom, using multimedia, video, print, and online; (P)
  4. Demonstrate ethical decision-making skills as media providers who supply responsible content to the public; (L)
  5. Demonstrate awareness of interdisciplinary links between journalism, business, and digital arts, both conceptually and in practice. (E)


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Please see the GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS page for specific major course requirements.

Tanya Canino
Instructor in Journalism

Katherine Zanto
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Chair

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