This major leaves room for students to tailor an individual course of study that includes business, regional studies, international travel, language, literature and history courses among other options.

International Studies & Humanities

This interdisciplinary major combines the strengths of our International Studies Program in the Business Department with our Humanities Department. Students work closely with advisors to design an academic plan with a region of focus.

Student Learning Outcomes

Interdisciplinary Majors in International Studies and Humanities will:

  1. Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in International Studies courses including both theory and application of business, policy, and cultural studies, and develop an appreciation for the complexities and interdependent nature of global problems;
  2. Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in the Humanities, including options to focus on History,
    Literature, Music, Art or Language;
  3. Communicate views, values and culture clearly and persuasively while respecting the views, cultures
    and rights of others;
  4. Demonstrate and communicate an awareness of interdisciplinary links between the disciplines of
    International Studies and Humanities in theory and in practice.

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Katherine Zanto
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Chair



Interdisciplinary Requirements
INTD 250 Principles Interdisciplinary Studies 3
INTD 300 Service Learning 3
INTD 493 Senior Portfolio 3
Total Interdisciplinary Credits:  9
International Studies Requirements
INTL 221 or 252 Pol and Eco Geog or Intl Env Issues 3
ECON 102 Macroeconomics 3
INTL 350/INTB 365 Foreign Policy or International Affairs 3
INTL 415 International Organizations 3
INTL 420 Terrorism and Peacekeeping 3
INTL 48X Regional Studies 3
INTL 470 Great Leaders of the 20th Century 3
INTL 301/ INTB 301 Development Economics 3
INTB 460 or INTL 475 Forces Driving Globalization or Seminar in Global Business 3
* Select one of the following: 3
INTL 48X Regional Studies
INTL 381/INTL 401 International Travel Abroad or Ind Research
INTL 390 Internship
Total International Studies Credits:   30
Humanities Requirements
HUMN 110 Intro to Humanities 3
ENGL 455 World Literature 3
ANTH 101 or SOCI 101 Cultural Anthropology or Intro Sociology 3
* Select two of the following 6
PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy
HUMN 210 Intro to World Religions
PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology
SUST 101 Intro to Sustainability
Select one non-US HIST, ENGL, ARTH or MUSC 3
Select one upper division elective in HUMN, ENGL, PSYC, ART or MUSC 3
* Select two of the following 6
HUMN/ART/ENGL, etc In your region of focus subject to advisor approval
LANGUAGE Can be lower division
Total Humanities Credits:   27
TOTAL INTL and HUMN Major Requirements: 66
General Education Core Requirements: 30
Electives: 24
Total Credits:   120

*Requirements listed above are based off the 2013-2014 Catalog, for other information check past catalogs or graduation requirements.