Interdisciplinary Studies Minors

The Interdisciplinary Studies minors are a prescribed group of courses with an identified focus involving classes from the Interdisciplinary Studies program. These minors require students to complete 18- 21 credits. A minimum of nine units must be upper division. Core curriculum courses may not be counted toward the minor.

Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Art History

HUMN 110 Introduction to Humanities1 3
ARTH 301, 302 Choose one: Early through Renaissance Art History, or Renaissance through Modern Art History2 3
HUMN, ENGL, HIST, SUST Choose two or three courses with advisor. This requirement can also be met with an approved International Study Abroad or transfer course. 3 6/9
ARTH, FNAR 421, 480, DART 350, 450 Choose two or three: Art Literacy, Special Topics in Art History, Issues of Contemporary Art, Special Topics in Fine Arts, or Special Themes in Film and Video Art.3 6/9
Total Credits (nine credits must be upper division) :   21
* 1 Humanities Majors should substitute a HUMN course or other course approved by advisor, since HUMN 101 is required for their major.
* 2 Fine Arts Majors should substitute an ARTH 480 course, since 301/2 are required for their major.
* 3 This minor can be satisfied with either three Humanities courses and four Art courses, or three Art courses and four Humanities courses.

Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability

SUST 101 Introduction to Sustainability 3
SUST 201 Social Sustainability: Political Science and Social Justice 3
ECON 102 or INTL221, INTL 252 Macroeconomics or Political Economic Geography or International Environmental Issues (or approved lower division) 3
BIOL 381/385 Ecology (or approved upper division science course: Can be a field course) 3-4
CHOOSE TWO Any Upper Division Course from Sustainability Major 6
SUST 450 Society and Justice: Sustainability Capstone 3
Total Credits:   21- 22

Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Outdoor Adventure Leadership

ODAL 101 Introduction to Outdoor Skills 4
ODAL 250 Wilderness First Responder 3
ODAL 201 Principles of Outdoor Leadership 3
ODAL/PHED Choose either ODAL 350, 302 or PHED 229, 235, 240, 253, 345. 3*
ODAL 401 Wilderness Ethics 3
ODAL XXX Choose either ODAL 301, 350, or 380 3
Total Credits:   19
*One unit may be satisfied by General Education PHED Core Requirement.