This interdisciplinary major requires a core set of Art and Digital Arts courses and allows students to choose a focus in the Business Department in either Entrepreneurship or in Management.

Digital Arts & Entrepreneurship or Management

DVD designs by Logan Lape, Class of 2011

The course sequence delineated below addresses the rapidly growing fields of entertainment technology and digital graphics, but also encompasses foundational entrepreneurship or management skills.


Interdisciplinary Majors in Digital Arts and Entrepreneurship/Management will:

  1. Demonstrate technical proficiency in the areas of the design, production, and implementation of digital media.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the ways digital media technology impacts communication and marketing and utilize a broad range of technologies to acquire, organize, and communicate information.
  3. Demonstrate and communicate the knowledge of the strategies and processes needed to solve a wide variety of problems in the digital arts, including those requiring interdisciplinary concepts.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental precepts of business law and ways of safeguarding one’s intellectual property.
  5. Synthesize entrepreneurial or managerial concepts with skills and goals within the field of digital media, including the evaluation and creation of organizational plans, pro forma financial statements, and complete business plans as would be demanded by key stakeholders.
  6. Apply integrated technical proficiency in areas of Digital Arts and Entrepreneurship/Management to contribute to the community and to create professional opportunities.

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Katherine Zanto
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Chair



INTD 250 Principles Interdisciplinary Studies 3
INTD 300 Service Learning 3
INTD 493 Senior Portfolio 3
Total Credits 9


DESG 132 Foundations of Visual Design 3
DRAW 121 Drawing Fundamentals 3
PHTG 250 Beginning Photography 3
ARTH 302 Modern Art History 3
Total Credits 12


DART 215, 220, 230 Choose 2 Introductory DART courses 6
DART 315, 320, 330 or DIGT 301 Choose 1 Intermediate DART course 3
DART 415, 420, 430, 450 Choose 1 Advanced DART course 3
DART 305 Web Design 3
Total Credits 15


ACCT 204 Financial Accounting 3
BLAW 360 Business Law 3
BLAW 410 Intellectual Property 3
ECON 102 Macroeconomics 3
ENTP 310 Opportunity Recognition 3
ENTP 400 Creating Entrepreneurial Ventures 3
GBUS 291 Business Communications 3
INTB 320 Global Business Environment 3
MGMT 260 Principals of Management 3
MKTG 201 Introduction to Marketing 3
Total Credits 30

*Requirements listed above are based off the 2015-2016 Catalog, for other information check past catalogs or graduation requirements.