The humanities major explores the depths of philosophy, expression, and the human mind.


Students develop skills to critically look at life, society, and diverse cultures. Students explore questions that have intrigued humans for centuries, and focus on the complexities of existence and examine the answers provided by world cultures and the experiences of the past.

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Dan O'Bryan
Humanities Department Chair
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Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Humanities
Lower Division Requirements
(Upper division courses may be used to fulfill lower division requirements.) Credits
HUMN 110 Introduction to Humanities 3
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
HIST History (non-U.S.) 3
ENGL Writing or Literature 3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
HUMN 210 Exploring World Religions 3
Two semesters of one foreign language 6
Total 24
Upper Division Requirements Credits
ENGL 381 Language, Thought, and Culture 3
PSYC 441 Environmental Perception and Human Dev. 3
ENGL Any Upper Division English 3
PSYC Any Upper Division Psychology 3
HIST or ARTH Any Upper Division History or Art History 3
HUMN 493 Senior Project 3
Total 18
BREADTH (Lower or upper division.)
One Course from International Studies or Business 3
One Course from Art or Digital Entertainment 3
One Course from Science and Technology 3
Total 9
Humanities Requirements 51
General Education Core 30
General Electives 39
  Total 120