Department Chair

Photo of Dan O'Bryan
Dan O'Bryan Associate Provost, Department Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7524


Photo of Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson Assistant Professor

Photo of Donna Axton
Donna Axton Professor, Music Program Chair
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7586

Photo of Samantha Bankston
Samantha Bankston Assistant Professor, Honors Program Director
Phone: 775-831-1314 x 7493

Photo of Shannon Beets
Shannon Beets Adjunct Faculty, Executive Vice President and Provost
Phone: 775-831-1314 x 7405

Photo of Gayle Brandeis
Gayle Brandeis Visiting Professor, Writer in Residence
Phone: 775-831-1314 x 7538 Website:

Photo of Ann Marie Brown
Ann Marie Brown Assistant Professor

Photo of Thomas Wade Brown
Thomas Wade Brown Instructor
Phone: 775-831-1314 x 7545

Photo of Soraya Cardenas
Soraya Cardenas Associate Professor
Phone: (775) 831-1314 x 7577

Photo of Christina Frederick
Christina Frederick Associate Professor, Psychology Program Chair
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7460

Photo of Rosie Hackett
Rosie Hackett Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program Director, Assistant Professor
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7499

Photo of Robert King
Robert King Associate Professor, Honors Program Director
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7493

Photo of Andy Rost
Andy Rost Associate Professor
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7532

Photo of June Saraceno
June Saraceno English Program Chair, Professor
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7514 Website:

Photo of Jared Stanley
Jared Stanley Instructor

Photo of Daryl Teittinen
Daryl Teittinen Instructor
Phone: (775) 831-1314 x7530

Photo of Brian Turner
Brian Turner MFA Program Chair Poetry, Nonfiction

Photo of Laura Wetherington
Laura Wetherington Instructor Poetry

Photo of Katie Zanto
Katie Zanto Interdisciplinary Studies Program Chair, Associate Professor
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7529