Cover photo Margot Meyers
Cover design Madonna Dunbar, Adriana Celestino

What Forms of Misery Remain? – Horoscope (Libra: May 7, 2000)
Ace Boggess

Doomsaying songs of ravens like loud neighbors,
old, belligerent hicks— they play their banjos at night
when moon, stars prefer slow-burning undertones of jazz….


Storm King School
Mike Dockins

Setting: a tennis court, & pines.
Tone & voice: I don’t know
a god-damned thing about this place
so it might as well be a loony bin.
Foreshadowing: something will die.
Symbol: a straitjacket.
Irony: a wide field.
Contrasting images: a straitjacket
& a wide field….