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Sierra Nevada Review

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Denise Duhamel | Typing Epithalamion

The bride adjusted the crystal topknot of her veil. She stared at the the Windsor knot of her groom’s tie as the hypnotist tied their knot. The bride vowed Bill Knot was in love with Naomi (in his poems). The groom vowed Don Knotts was in love with Mary Lou (in Mayberry) and later Ladyfish (in The Incredible Mr. Limpet). They promised to honor each other in the same topnotch way, notwithstanding the stomach knots, the knotty logic, and whatnot. They blubbered until their nostrils cried snot, Their shared fondness of Knott’s Berry Farm jam brought them here, to the slipknot of ever-after, to their knotty pine rumpus room of monotony.