The MFA program is directed under the guidance of acclaimed poet Brian Turner. If you are interested in adding your voice to the discussion, and if you are intrigued by the possibility of working with teachers and peers who are passionate about the art they love, then please contact us—we look forward to meeting you.

Photo of April Ossmann
April Ossmann Adjunct Professor;Editor-in-Residence

Photo of Gailmarie Pahmeier
Gailmarie Pahmeier Adjunct Professor; Poetry

Photo of Suzanne Roberts
Suzanne Roberts Distinguished Writer-in-Residence (2011-2012); Nonfiction, Poetry
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7538 Website:

Photo of June Saraceno
June Saraceno English Program Chair; Professor
Phone: 775-831-1314 x7514 Website:

Photo of Brian Turner
Brian Turner Program Director; Associate Professor

Photo of Josh Weil
Josh Weil Adjunct Professor; Fiction

Photo of Laura Wetherington
Laura Wetherington Professor; Poetry

Photo of Steven Woodward
Steven Woodward Editor

Photo of Alexi Zentner
Alexi Zentner Adjunct Professor; Fiction

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