Humanities & Social Sciences

Investigate the nature of being human.

Explore the fundamental human questions central to philosophy, literature, history, and the social sciences.

Develop the essential skills of literacy, analytical thought, and persuasive communication.
Learn to think both critically and creatively – and to communicate your insight with clarity and verve. Broaden your understanding by exploring the diversity of human cultures, experiences, and beliefs.

Become a contributor to a sustainable world.
Prepare for a satisfying and productive future lived in responsible relationship to your social, political, and natural environments.

Our Students say it Best…

Troy Mott

Major: English, Psychology

Class of 2012

After taking Psychology 101 in my first semester there was no going back, as I fell in love with the diversity of topics and the freethinking attitude that was promoted from day one. . . . Read More

Ryan Donoghue

Major: English

Class of 2016

During my time spend away from academia, I developed an insatiable appetite for literature and realized that our orientation to the world depends on the language we use to define it; studying literature fosters that growing and knowing. . . . Read More

Luke Isaac Hupp

Major: Creative Writing

Class of 2017

I love literature and writing, and I have had a dream of teaching and writing for a long time. I have lived in Hawaii, Tennessee, and Oregon, which have such different cultures and environments it was challenging to adapt. I have heard many stories, and met some very interesting people, and had many different experiences. I want to reimagine these tales and people and places in a new world. . . . Read More

A Student’s Passion for Writing Grows at SNC

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