Focusing primarily on progressive, emerging artists … the galleries at Sierra Nevada College provide a rich visual and intellectual environment not reliant on sales for support. This allows us to exhibit a wide array of artists whose work ranges from traditional practices to new media, installation, site-specific, and performance art.

The Nevada Arts Council supports SNC Tahoe's exhibition works done by studentsSierra Nevada College is able to put on art exhibitions due to grants from the National Endowment of the Arts
This project is funded, in part, by a grant from the Nevada Arts Council, a division of the Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


“Basin and Range”

January 29 - March 23

Tahoe Gallery

Nevada Touring Initiative is coming to SNC Tahoe to display their exhibition Basin and Range

Artist: Nevada Touring Initiative 

Basin and Range features eighteen Southern Nevada artists who were invited to create as a response to and in honor of a tract of Nevada land covering 700,000 acres, now identified as the Basin and Range National Monument. This area not only includes amazing wildlife and incredible desert landscapes and formations, but also ancient and contemporary artwork: hundreds of petroglyphs carved an estimated 4,000 years ago, and Michael Heizer’s mile-long City. As most Nevadans know, there is a great deal more to our state than casinos and Area 51. The Basin and Range exhibition is evidence of that.

Closing Reception: Thursday February 15, 5 – 7pm
Artist Talk: 5:30 PL320


February 8 - March 9

Garage Door Gallery

Artist Bryan Cera displays work at the Holman Art & Media Center at SNC Tahoe

Artist: Bryan Cera

Volte-Face (About-Face) explores the motif of the human face through a collection of digitally fabricated sculptures and images. Through many forms of mediating the human image, Bryan Cera invites viewers to examine both utopian and cynical elements of emergent technologies and the ways they shape human identity.

Employing primitive processes— drawing on paper, building with clay – along with contemporary ones— 3D Printers, computer numerical controlled robots— these objects celebrate technology freed from a prescribed utilitarian role. This represents a technological maturation of expression of the artistic gesture. It also articulates Cera’s curiosity about the relationship between his artistic vision and how it is realized through machine processes. But in his choice of subject, Cera also critiques the reciprocal nature of humanity and technology. We shape technology, but it also shapes our perception of ourselves.

Throughout Volte-Face, the presentation of the human form mirrors a humanity that has been globalized and digitized: disembodied, impersonal, anonymous. Volte-Face asks us to meditate on the technologies that re-mediate us.

Opening Reception: Thursday February 8, 5 – 7pm
Artist Talk: 5:30 HAMC, with guest curator Daniel Robert Kelly

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