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Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is the studio intensive professional path for art majors.

Creative Mastery

The 15 credit concentration in your chosen medium which is the core of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program will take your artistic practice to a new level. Work closely with your faculty BFA committee for a year or more after the Midway Art Portfolio Review (MAPR), refining your creative viewpoint and the craftsmanship which brings it to life.

Flor Widmar, Bachelor of Fine Arts 2015

Photos of Flor’s BFA exhibition Devoción de Abuela (Devotion to my Grandmother) > on Flickr

Your Solo BFA Exhibition

Build a coherent body of work around your best ideas. Fill a gallery space, figuring out how to place the pieces to enhance their impact and illuminate their relationships. Create an announcement card. Talk about your work and find out how your audience sees it at your artist talk. It’s a great experience to have under your belt!

Although art students in most Bachelor of Fine Arts programs exhibit at a group show, at SNC each candidate has their own show in one of the college’s dedicated gallery spaces.

SNC BFA Exhibitions on Flickr

Collyn Aubrey Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
Collyn Aubrey | In the Waiting Line >
Jessica Hayworth Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
Jessica Hayworth | BFA Exhibit >
Post-Grad Exhibit | Spoke Only on Sunny Days >
Sam Shear Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
Sam Shear | BFA Exhibit >
Molly Allen Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
Molly Allen | The Ontology of Blue >
POD Award Exhibit | Hypnagogia: The In Between >
Miranda McFarland Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
Miranda McFarland | in, sight >
Stephanie Campbell Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
Stephanie Campbell | Oscillating Atmosphere >
Karl Schwiesow Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
Karl Schwiesow | The Red Boat >

BFA or BA?

Students who are serious about a career as a studio artist often choose the BFA over a BA to prepare for graduate school or their professional practice. The concentrated studio focus and solo exhibition are great preparation for a career in fine art. And for students applying to MFA programs, the undergraduate program at SNC mirrors the structure of most MFA programs, easing the transition into graduate school.

Meet Miranda McFarland, Bachelor of Fine Arts 2017

Why do we need art? For me this will always be the mystery I crave to understand.
Recently my art has been focusing on my body's relationship to my environment. I came up with the idea to dive into the lake, hold my breath, and scratch circular gestures into a copper plate that I take to the studio and make prints. It is these mark makings that become artifacts of my body. I love being an artist. . . . Read More

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Sheri Leigh O'Connor
Chair, Department of Fine Arts

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