Fine Arts

We are an academic community of artists unique in location, open studios, small class size and interdisciplinary approach to visual practice.

As a Fine Arts student at SNC’s school of arts, you will focus on skills, experimentation, and conversation that foster creative solutions and entrepreneurial thinking to address the challenges and responsibilities contemporary artists face in a shifting global environment. The style of instruction and dialogue in Sierra Nevada’s fine arts program are designed to provide an adaptable, challenging, and inspiring studio environment. Solo B.F.A. exhibitions and a committee structure that mirrors many recognized graduate programs offer detailed mentorship and guidance in the development of a body of work. As you earn your fine arts degree, this serious attention of the committee at the undergraduate level provides you with the confidence to realize your vision and, as our alumni attest, the resources to adapt to varied manifestations of professional preparedness for art and for life.

A Collection of SNC’s Fine Arts

Our Students Say It Best . . .

Laura Woodman

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Psychology and Art

Class of 2014

Figure skating during my childhood taught me about hard work, determination, and the importance of self confidence. At school, art classes were the only classes I stayed interested in, but at SNC I discovered - by happy chance - my love for psychology. I will reach my dreams of helping others through art; it's only a matter of time. . . . Read More

Miranda McFarland

Major: Fine Arts

Class of 2017

A lot of people, I've noticed, do not understand art because they don't see its value for their survival. For example, food is something we all need to be able to stay alive, but ART, ART is something entirely different. Why do we need art? For me this will always be the mystery I crave to understand. Recently, my art has been focusing on my body's relationship to my environment, capturing the process my body endures when it is performing. So I came up with the idea to dive into the lake, hold my breath, and scratch circular gestures into a copper plate. I then take that copper plate to the studio and make prints. It is these mark makings that become artifacts of my body. I included this work in my Mid-way Art Portfolio Group Show. I am looking forward to developing my artwork even more for my Solo BFA Show. I love being an artist. . . . Read More

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