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Meet Our Business Students

Francesca Curtolo

Major: Finance and Economics

Class of 2017

My educational experience growing up in Italy was very conservative and traditionally knowledge-based. SNC's liberal arts approach reshaped my perspective to see a bigger framework. I learned to work across disciplines, and through different modalities. . . . Read More

Robbie O'Hare, Business major and goalie for SNC's Men's Lacrosse team, watches the field

Robbie O'Hare

Major: Global Business Management

Class of 2018

I was born and raised in the beach flats neighborhood of Santa Cruz - gang violence was a daily thing. I would get into fights frequently just walking to and from school. Even as I faced these hardships, I was a three-year varsity stater on my high school football team, a multiple all-conference team selection, and on the all city team.
My passion in life is in the restaurant and bar business. I co-own two restaurants and a lounge. I see my future as growing and expanding my businesses. . . . Read More

Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Entrepreneurship major, Matt Fall boulders in California

Matt Fall

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Class of 2012

I joined a robotics team in high school, which led me to mechanical engineering, but while my enthusiasm for engineering waned after a couple of years my love for the outdoors never did. After developing an interest in running my own business, I transferred to SNC as an Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Entrepreneurship major. . . . Read More

Giulianna Crivello, Entrepreneurship major, holding check she won at the Business Plan Competition

Giulianna Crivello

Major: Entrepreneurship, Finance and Economics

Class of 2017

I've always entertained the idea of owning my own business, but I also have a lifelong love of math. The appeal of math is its relevancy and consistency. Numbers do not lie and take the emotion out of making decisions. . . . Read More

Business major Nick Smith takes hike with his daughter near Lake Tahoe

Nick Smith

Major: Finance and Economics

Class of 2017

I bounced around from job to job after high school. Eventually I got tired of making just enough money to live. So I started to read about wealthy people like Richard Branson and Warren Buffett, and I realized that they "employed" their money – they invested it. . . . Read More

Dave Wadleigh, Business major, skis powder in the back country

Dave Wadleigh

Major: Entrepreneurship

Class of 2018

Skiing is my passion, especially big mountain/freeride and coaching. As I immersed myself in the industry after dropping out of my first college, I began to recognize its shortcomings and evolve a vision for improving and progressing the sport. Making a real positive impact on the field that I love will demand creativity, ingenuity, and an entrepreneurial approach, and SNC's innovative entrepreneurship program fits my unconventional goals. . . . Read More

Estefania Gonzalez, Finance and Economics and International Studies major, happy to stay in Incline Village

Estefania Rivera Gonzalez

Major: Finance and Economics, International Studies

Class of 2017

As long as I can remember, I've liked learning about different countries, languages, religions, and cultures. So when it came time to chose a major, I knew that International Studies was right for me. My dream is to go to India, the Caribbean, South East Asia, and Europe to immerse myself in their rich cultures. Eventually I want to just pick a point on the map and travel there the next day! . . . Read More

Scott Kiernan, Business major, smiling

Scott Kiernan

Major: Finance and Economics

Class of 2014

Scott was inspired by a Development Economics Class with President Lynn Gillette to pursue classes on international affairs and global leadership, and then to pivotal service learning experiences in South Africa. He was introduced to the former CEO and Director of Save the Children during the 2013 MiddCORE Program, and everything fell into line. . . . Read More

Madeleine Hall, Marketing major, poses in front of brightly painted wall

Madeleine Hall

Major: Marketing

Class of 2017

Attending MiddCORE, the summer innovation program held at SNC, exposed me to the advertising side of business and motivated me to switch my major to marketing. It could take me in a multitude of different directions; I hope to work at a company like Red Bull promoting incredible events, or help launch a start-up. . . . Read More

Global Business Management major Kristine Adde smiles

Kristine Louise Adde

Major: Global Business Management, Marketing

Class of 2017

My freshman year was fun and exciting, meeting new people and getting used to American culture after growing up in Norway. It was a blast being on the Ski Team and knowing that I had four years ahead of me in such a beautiful place as Lake Tahoe. . . . Read More

Andrew Lubrano, Finance and Economics major, poses with big catch on his boat on Lake Tahoe

Andrew Lubrano

Major: Finance and Economics

Class of 2017

I have fished Lake Tahoe most of my life. I began working as a deckhand on Captain West Mueller's charter boat the Uno Mas when I was 13, became a Coast Guard Licensed Captain 6 years later, and started my company Nor-Cal Charters the following year. . . . Read More

Cole Mizak Global Business Management major

Cole Mizak

Major: Global Business Management

Class of 2017

Cole Mizak received high honors throughout high school, and some of his poems and short stories have been published. He competes on a regional and national level in motocross competitions nationwide. His goals include graduating Summa Cum Laude, achieve a high ranking on the LSAT, and attend an Ivy League law school. . . . Read More

Marissa Hushaw

Major: Global Business Management, Ski Business and Resort Management

Class of 2018

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California thinking of myself as a "snowflake in the sand". When I started snowboard competition at 10, I competed against boys because there weren't enough girls. I love snowboarding and people, so I could not have picked a better school than SNC. . . . Read More

Jordan Koucky, Business major, in construction attire

Jordan Koucky

Major: Global Business Management

Class of 2016

I became interested in construction because my step-dad is a general contractor that builds large custom homes. My professors at SNC have helped give me the tools I need to help me find a job and in May of my junior year, I was hired on as an intern with CORE Construction. I was lucky enough to get started on my ideal career path, and I don't plan on stopping! . . . Read More

Colleen Healey Business major takes a break from snowboarding for a picture

Colleen Healey

Major: Global Business Management

Class of 2019

Entering the Pitch Competition got me interested in entrepreneurship. It was certainly intimidating, but I developed great skills and abilities. My goal is to make the U.S. Snowboard Team, compete in the World Cup, and to start a career in management in the snow sport industry. . . . Read More