The Accounting major provides conceptual and practical knowledge to graduates who will prepare, report, and analyze economic and financial information. Students will have the ability to evaluate an entity’s financial performance and risk and consult with upper management regarding business decisions. The curriculum includes courses needed by those wishing to continue study in pursuit of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license  as well as graduates desiring to acquire the skills needed to enter accounting-related careers in corporations, small businesses, or non-profits organizations.

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Accounting Curriculum Requirements
Students must take MATH 251 (Statistics) to fulfill their General Education Math Requirement
Lower Division Business Core Credits
ACCT 204 Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 205 Managerial Accounting 3
ECON 102 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
GBUS 291, ENGL 304 or 240 Business Writing, Advanced Composition or Intro to Journalism 3
MGMT 260 Principles of Management 3
MKTG 201 Introduction to Marketing 3
Total Lower Division Business Core Credits 21
Upper Division Business Core Credits
BLAW 360 Business Law 3
INTB 320 Global Business Environment 3
INTB 370 Leadership in a Global Environment 3
INTB 417 Global Operations Management 3
BFIN 351 Corporate Finance 3
MGMT 430 Business Strategy 3
Total Upper Division Business Core Credits 18
Upper Division Accounting Requirements Credits
ACCT 301 Intermediate Accounting I 3
ACCT 302 Intermediate Accounting II 3
ACCT  310 Cost Accounting 3
ACCT 410 Audit, Attest, Assurance 3
ACCT 420 Federal Tax 3
ACCT 490 Capstone: CPA Review 3
Total Upper Division Accounting Credits 18
Total Business Credits 57
Business Concentration – Recommended for Graduate Programs (choose 9 credits of Upper Division Business Electives) 9
SNC Core Curriculum 31
General Electives 32
Total Degree Requirements 120

*Requirements listed above are based off the 2012-2013 Catalog, for other information check past catalogs or graduation requirements.