The Sierra Nevada College Career Center provides part-time employment with funding provided by the Federal Work-Study Program. To establish eligibility for Federal Work Study funds a student must complete the FAFSA and confirm acceptance with the Office of Financial Aid. To check eligibility and affirm participation in the program, please contact:

Judy Roberts, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

(775) 831-1314 x7404 |

On- and Off-Campus Positions

Once eligibility is confirmed, students need to visit the Career Center to complete paperwork and find job placement.  There are a variety of on- and off-campus positions available for students through the Federal Work Study program.  Students can browse currently available positions online: Find a FWS Job!

For more information about the program or available positions please contact:

Lizzie Thibodeau, Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs

(775) 831-1314 x7481 |

Student Affairs, Patterson Hall Front Desk

Volunteering in the Community

Students may also utilize their Federal Work Study hours by volunteering in the community.  Some of the most enriching Work Study opportunities are found in off-campus positions that serve and support the community.