At SNC, learning is not a spectator sport. We’re a college of active learners and educators. We engage, we collaborate, we debate, we question, we critique, and oh, do we grow. That’s what all this is about: the inspiration and growth of poised, life-ready, critical thinkers.

It’s with an unblinking eye on this preparedness that we offer 30 undergraduate majors and areas of concentration, and 5 professionally oriented graduate degrees. Each providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve in a rapidly changing world.

And those entrusted with guiding your journey are our renowned faculty. They are holders of prestigious, advanced degrees, distinguished leaders of industry, bona fide experts who have been there and done that. They know how to push you, encourage you, and prepare you for what comes next.

Here you will be a passionate participant in your education. Here you will find your voice and be surprised by the big-thinking, self-assured young person known as you who leaves here ready to take on the world.

Undergraduate Departments and Majors

Business The Department of Business delivers a comprehensive global business education with a real-world focus to complement the liberal arts foundation embodied in SNC’s core curriculum and overall pedagogical approach. All faculty members combine sound academic credentials with depth of experience in middle- and senior-management positions in the private sector and/or international diplomatic agencies.
Fine Arts We are an academic community of artists unique in location, open studios, small class size and interdisciplinary approach to visual practice.
Humanities and Social Sciences The Humanities and Social Sciences Department combines the essential skills of literacy, analytical thought, and persuasive communication with the central human questions and answers provided through philosophy, literature, history, and the social sciences. Students of the program, it is hoped, emerge as well-informed scholars of and contributors to a sustainable world.
Interdisciplinary Studies The Interdisciplinary Studies Program takes students beyond the traditional disciplines, encouraging them to make connections by thinking not in terms of “either/or” but rather in “and.” This is a major that challenges students to go beyond boundaries and to apply their ideas and passions.
Science & Technology Get a strong foundation for success in environmental science, environmental policy, and biology disciplines with challenging coursework and many opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills.

Graduate Departments and Majors

Teacher Education Interested a rewarding career in education? The Department of Teacher Education provides outstanding training for teachers and administrators.
MFA in Creative Writing The low-residency MFA in creative writing program at Sierra Nevada College is a challenging and inspiring two year commitment to each student’s own artistic development.
MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts A locus for creative art making, fostered by critical thinking, with an emphasis on community.

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions
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Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions
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