I Was Found at SNC


Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Class of: 2011

The youngest of three from a small New England town, with blonde hair and blue eyes, I’m an athletic chick, with a passion for horses, the outdoors, family, and friendships. I have traveled from many different walks of life to see mountain tops, river bottoms, butchered animals, marriages, deaths, and fights.

The search of who I really am is still underway in this chapter at Sierra Nevada College, trying out a path of Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Entrepreneurship, but the answers only lie in the depths of myself, in no one else, no matter how hard I pry. I thrive for me, and constantly wonder where my boots will take me next. I am just a girl in the world that strives for options and opportunities: I’m simply me.

Bryce Bullins

Major: English, Music
Class of: 2014

Bryce Bullins is an editor for the Sierra Nevada Review as well as Secretary of the Creative Writing Club. He is majoring in English with a minor in music (classical voice). He is the sole recipient of the Solomon Foundation scholarship, has been listed in Who’s Who of American Colleges and Universities for 2013, is a Presidential Ambassador for the academic year of 2013 – 2014 and has received Dean’s Highest Honors since his first term at Sierra Nevada College. He has interests are in continental philosophy, sociopolitical systems, music, and abstraction.

After graduation Bryce intends to attend graduate school and earn either his combined MA/PhD in Literature or an MFA in Creative Writing in order to teach. When not writing poetry or reviews, he is practicing voice, or has his nose buried in a book (or e-book), or is polluting his ears with sonic vibrations.

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability, Ski Business and Resort Management
Class of: 2016

It wasn’t until halfway through high school that I realized I couldn’t live without the mountains. When it was time to apply to college, I stumbled upon Sierra Nevada College while researching colleges located near the mountains. I searched their website, took the virtual tour online, immediately fell in love and applied right then. I had never been out west, but I took the chance and bought a one way ticket to Tahoe. I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision – looking back, I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t taken that leap.

I came to Sierra Nevada College as a Digital Arts major, but after taking my first environmental studies class, Ecopsychology, I realized my deep passion is for the environment and immediately switched my major. Now I am going for a dual degree: BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sustainability, and a BS in Ski Business and Resort Management. I’m proud to say that I am the Sustainability Chair for the Student Government Association, where I was allocated a Green Fund to support more student sustainability initiatives on campus. I am also the creator of a new campus club on campus, Wild Women of Tahoe, where we empowering one another to embrace our wild feminine nature through outdoor activities.

My future goals are to be an activist in the environmental world, to inspire everyone I interact with to live a more sustainable life, and to encourage others to embrace each individual’s uniqueness!

Major: Psychology
Class of: 2013

When I came here, all I knew was that I wanted to work with people, but my teachers and courses at SNC have helped me narrow it down to one solid profession: I want to eventually work as a wilderness therapist. The most influential class I’ve taken is the Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology class. This class has taught me to see other dimensions of consciousness and to realize how we are all connected.

I also had the opportunity to go Stanford with the Experimental Psychology class to view and listen to research conducted by students from all over the country. This experience was really a great one since it gave me inspiration for the future.

I have been offered two internships while at SNC which will help me on my journey to achieve my dreams. As a senior, I will have the opportunity to conduct my own research in Experimental Psychology.

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Class of: 2012

Neither my mother nor my father graduated from college, nor did they earn straight A’s during their schooling years. For them, seeing their children succeed means more than their own success. I am incredibly grateful that they took the time to make sure I grew up with a strong concrete foundation. That gave me the advantage to focus on my goals of graduating high school and going to a college where I would be able to fulfill my burning passion for snowboarding.

A childhood full of playing baseball and soccer led me to understand the benefits of the outdoors and added to my desire for the Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Entrepreneurship Interdisciplinary Studies program here at Sierra Nevada College.

My father constantly reminded me that “education is the most important thing in life,” and his message is becoming clear.

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Journalism
Class of: 2012

Ben Bishop, now an outdoor and action sports filmmaker and photographer whose work appears on ROXY, ESPN, and Red Bull Media House, reflected on how SNC prepared him to be successful in the professional world. He explained that the most valuable thing he learned at SNC was to engage and reach out for mentoring and advice to overcome obstacles. A veteran world traveler who frequently clocks six months straight of travel and work in places like China, Japan, Alaska, Canada, Colorado, Utah, he says,

“I don’t think I would be anywhere if it weren’t for SNC.”

Ben says SNC guided him to identify a path he is truly passionate about through the unique academic experience of tailoring a major to his specific skills and interests. “I had to bring all these skill sets together in a multidisciplinary way…and that is what my career is now.” It was valuable “being able at be at a small school that had the ability to adapt to my needs. I don’t think I could have gone to really any other college and say, I’m really interested in this outdoor realm, I’d like a degree in it, and have them formulate a program.”

Ben received SNC’s first degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and second in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Major: Business, Finance and Economics
Class of: 2014

Scott Kiernan finished his coursework in December 2013 and headed to Washington DC to serve as an Resource Development intern for the global development organization Save the Children. At the Save the Children’s 2014 Advocacy Summit, he led a team of advocates and students who called on Capitol Hill to invest more in America’s children from the start. Afterwards, he had a choice between several job offers, including one with “Save,” as he calls it, and continuing work on the award-winning business plan he created with fellow students to build a solar-powered cooler that could extend the cold-chain for vaccine delivery in the developing world.

“When I first came to SNC, I was terrified of sticking my neck out there. I didn’t know where I was going with my life.” he remembers.  He rattles off the names of professors who took a personal interest in him.

“They have that unique way of pushing their students to have that determination, to go from being this little kid that came to SNC with no direction or idea of what he wants to do to, they made me want to strive,”

Scott was inspired to pursue development work after a Development Economics class in 2012. That one class led to more classes on international affairs and global leadership with faculty member Mary Lewellen, a distinguished Foreign Service Officer, and then to pivotal experiences in South Africa and with the MiddCORE Immersion Program at SNC experience in 2013, where he was introduced to the former CEO and Director of Save the Children. Everything seemed to fall into line for Kiernan, who says the experiences “strengthened my determination to work for Save the Children.”


Solar Power Innovations team members Jacob Bricklin, Scott Kiernan,Tyler Prange, Alden Spence, and Mitch Wiseman and friends at the 2014 Governor’s Cup Business Plan Competition

Major: Psychology
Class of: 2014

The first to attend college in her family, Kallie Day came to SNC with an Associates Degree intending to take both online and to on-ground classes to finish her BA as fast as possible. Within months of arriving, however, she recognized the value of the unique learning community on SNC’s campus. Kallie says that the hands-on mentoring, active learning, and access to both her peers and faculty for help are priceless, and she quickly decided to take the time to complete all of her classes on campus, where she learned and worked with other students and faculty on independent research.

Kallie’s research on active learning, conducted in collaboration with a faculty member, gained her a spot in the APS (Association for Psychological Science) Conference, the nation’s largest conference in psychology research. “I know that the education that I am getting is highly important, and the coaching and the training I am getting are beyond wonderful,” she asserts.

According to Kallie, that one-on-one experience is just part of everyday life here at SNC. “Here, I have 30 different people – between my job, the psychology department, housing – who, when they see me struggling, I get that personal assistance. I can’t go a day with being sad or upset here because 20 people will notice. That connectedness gets you the interpersonal skills you need, and then in hand, you develop your intrapersonal skills.” She sums up:

“We talk about the one-on-one, but I think that unless you have been here, and you have soaked it in through all of these people that you are around, the idea doesn’t have much of an impact.”