Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a powerful and talented body dedicated to the service and stewardship of Sierra Nevada College.  For a college of its size, the SNC Board is unparalleled in its depth of experience, philanthropy, and worldly success.

Officers and Committees

Chairman of the Board

  • Dr. Atam Lalchandani

Chairman Emeritus

  • Wayne Prim

Vice-Chair of the Board

  • Janet Lowe
  • Elbridge Stuart

Executive Committee

  • Chuck Dowd
  • Robin Holman
  • Warren Kocmond
  • Atam Lalchandani, Chair
  • Janet Lowe
  • Bob Preger
  • Wayne Prim
  • Jim Steinmann
  • Elbridge Stuart
Academic Affairs Committee Chair

  • Warren Kocmond

Audit Committee Chair

  • Nazir Ansari

Community Outreach Committee Chair

  • Bob Preger

Development Committee Chair

  • Robin Holman

Facilities & Grounds Committee Chair

  • Jim Steinmann

Finance & Strategy Committee Chair

  • Elbridge Stuart

Marketing Committee Chair

  • Bob Hall

Long Range Strategic Planning Committee Chair

  • Dave Collins

Meet the Board of Trustees

Atam Lalchandani Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Chair, Executive Committee

Wayne Prim Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees

Janet Lowe Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Chair, Trusteeship Committee

Elbridge Stuart Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Chair, Finance and Strategy Committee, Chair, Investment Subcommittee

Nazir Ansari Trustee; Chair, Audit Committee

Dave Collins Trustee; Chair, Long Range Strategic Planning Committee

Jim Davis Trustee

Chuck Dowd Trustee

Vanessa Franking Trustee

Bob Hall Trustee; Chair, Marketing Committee

Robin Holman Trustee; Chair, Development Committee

Bruce James Advisory Trustee

Barry Klein Trustee

Warren Kocmond Trustee; Chair, Academics Affairs Committee

Richard Offerdahl Advisory Trustee

Bob Preger Trustee; Chair, Community Outreach Committee

Gene Pretti Advisory Trustee

Ian Rogoff Trustee

Grable Ronning Trustee

Roland W. Schumann IIITrustee

Ben Solomon Trustee

Jim Steinmann Trustee; Chair, Facilities and Grounds, Chair, Building Committee

Dr. Stephen Wells Trustee

Roger Wittenberg Advisory Trustee