ECON 102, Principles of Macroeconomics

Dr. Gillette has taught principles of Macro- and Microeconomics to undergraduate students at ten different colleges and universities. As recently as Spring 2012, he introduced Sierra Nevada College students to the basic principles of Macroeconomics in classes that were engaging, Socratic, and full of real-world current examples of economic concepts.

ECON 480, Current Economic and Business Topics

One of the most popular courses on campus, this course examines current events straight out of the week’s headlines through the lens of economic understanding. Students apply economic and business principles to better understand, analyze, and predict economic, political, and social events. Dr. Gillette brings talented, accomplished professionals from our community to the class to debate current topics in their expertise. Each class is a dynamic and engaged discussion between Dr. Gillette, students, and guest speakers and supported by news stories, articles, and recently published data. Recent topics have included the European Debt Crisis, Rising Oil Prices, and Corporate Responsibility.

INTB 301, Development Economics

Students in this course tackle the difficult topic of economic growth in poor countries. Dr. Gillette starts each semester by warning the class, “There are no easy answers to the problems we will explore here.” Supported by William Easterly’s classic, The Elusive Quest for Growth, the class is an intense environment where students are encouraged to think about all sides of the seemingly paradoxical problems of economic growth and development.  The course examines different theories the international community has tried to implement, and investigates what may—and what may not—work in the future. The course is a unique combination of passionate caring for the poor and dispassionate analysis of what works.

EMBA 741 Change Management

Dr. Gillette teaches this graduate course in Tulane University’s Executive MBA programs, located in New Orleans and Houston. The course is a hands-on learning environment for experienced professionals and executives from a diverse array of industries and locations. Dr. Gillette presents theory, case studies, teamwork and one-on-one coaching to the students. The students explore the aspects of leading change in organizations from a non-theoretical, case-study based platform, and they actively apply the concepts to a real-life change they are facing in their own professional lives.

MGMT 380 Special Topics: Change Management and Teamwork

Recently, Dr. Gillette adapted his graduate Change Management course described above for an undergraduate audience and offered it at SNC in Summer 2012. The students researched and wrote case studies of change management projects at Incline Village General Improvement District and Vail Resorts, among others.