Student Research Competitions and Symposia

Before becoming president on November 1, 2011, Dr. Gillette served as Provost at Sierra Nevada College. He worked with the faculty to find ways to showcase the excellent scholarship and work their students were doing in and out of class, and to support a culture on campus of academic excellence. Our current Provost Shannon Beets now works with the faculty to continue to emphasize this cultural expectation. Three new events have emerged on our campus in the last few years that exemplify the work that Dr. Gillette, Provost Beets, and the SNC faculty have done.

President’s Cup Business Plan Competition

2012 President’s Cup

  • Grand prize, $3,000—Go Book: Arielle Shipe, Rebecca Lincoln
  • Second place, $2,000—Suit Fling: Austen Butler, David Barnes, William Woodward
  • Third place, $1,000—In Touch: Sabrina Bellici, Zaira Perez, Eva Gyawali
2011 President’s Cup
  • Grand prize, $3,000—Flats Energy: Amanda Badger, Tresten Sweigard
  • Second place, $2,000— Andrew Gauthier, Eva Gyawali, Matyas Mleziva, Will Woodward, Zaira Perez
  • Third place, $2,000—Custom Eyes: Gabe Hamilton, Andrew Dunning, Andy Gendron, Ryan Spenk

Undergraduate Research Symposium

2012 Student Symposium
  • Grand prize, $3,000—Glen Cheriton: “Aggregate of All Our Joys and Sufferings”
  • Second place, $1,500—Troy Mott: “The Relation between Text Medium and Critical Reading Score
  • Third Place, $750— Jessica Weeks: “Every Night a New Ghost”
  • People’s Choice Award, $250: Joshua Boles, Graham Johnson and Ryan Byrge—“Aquaponics and Urban Farming”
2011 Student Symposium
  • Grand prize, $3,000—Anza Jarschke: “The Influence of Gender on Incidental Long-Term Memory”
  • Second place, $1,500—Clare Pace: “Use of Sediment Cores to Detect Changes in Abundance of Didymosphenia Geminate
  • Third Place, $750: Ryland Sweigard—“An Interdisciplinary Journey”
  • Honorable Mention—Aly Cohen: “Who Belongs? Inclusion-Based Education”
  • Honorable Mention—Glen Cheriton: “Cosmiscape Photography”
  • Honorable Mention—Nick Geankoplis: “Ceramic Sculpture ‘Semiotics’”

Undergraduate Psychology Research Fair

2012 Psychology Research Fair
  • First Place, $100 — Troy Mott: “The Relation between Text Medium and Critical Reading Scores”
  • Second Place, $50 —Beau Kissler: “Heart’s Hand in Creativity: The Effect of Coherence™ Meditation”
  • Third Place, $25 — Karen Duran: “Recalling Information: Handwritten Notes vs. Typed Notes”
2011 Psychology Research Fair
  • First Place, $100 — Anza Jarschke: “The Influence of Gender on Incidental Long-Term Memory”
  • Second Place, $50 —Taryn Hair: “Exercise and Test Scores”
  • Third Place, $25 — Nikita Martini: “Computer Note-Taking versus Traditional Note-Taking and the Effect on Performance”


The Scholarship of Teaching

In 1990, in his report, Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate, Ernest Boyer commented powerfully on the importance of teaching as a significant element of a faculty member’s scholarship. Dr. Gillette and Provost Shannon Beets have worked with the SNC faculty to encourage excellence in teaching, innovative teaching methods, and a campus-wide focus on the principles of active learning. In the last two years, in addition to research in their disciplines, many of our faculty members have presented on the scholarship of teaching at national and regional conferences.

Lilly Conference

Lilly November 2012

  • “The (Mis-)Uses of Certainty: The Rhetoric, Limits, and Potentials of Certainty-Based Pedagogy in Undergraduate Instruction” — Robert King and Christopher Osovitz (University of South Florida)
  • “Integrating Art, Integrating Disciplines: Cognitive and Educational Benefits of Integrating Arts into the Wider Curriculum” — Kristin Heavey (Consortium for Excellence in Arts Education), Chris Lanier, Elizabeth Lindsley (Consortium for Excellence in Arts Education), and Rick Parsons
  • “How to Impel Students to Greater Levels of Engagement by Using Community as Campus: Lessons in Civic Engagement”— Andrew Rost

Lilly November 2011

  • “How to Ensure That Students Prepare for Class So That Class Time Can Be Used For Deep Learning” —Lynn Gillette and Robert Gillette (University of Kentucky), co-authors.
  • “Students Leading Students through the Wild: An Authentic Learning Experience that can be Applied Across Discipline” — Rosie Hackett and Lynn Gillette, co-authors.
  • “Students as Active Participants in Interdisciplinary Learning: Designing integrative, student centered, individualized service learning courses” — Katie Zanto, author.
  • “Engaging Students in Deep Learning Using a Campus-wide Business Plan Competition” — Rick Normington and Lynn Gillette, co-authors.
  • “Peer Mentoring for Retention: Improving Student Performance and Creating Successful Leaders” — Erika Cole, Henry Conover and Lynn Gillette, co-authors.
  • An Experiential Approach to Art Literacy for College Students: On-site Learning in Museums and Art Communities” — Erika Cole and Lynn Gillette, co-authors.
  • “Authentic Assessment in Fine Arts: A Model for Other Disciplines” — Erika Cole, Russell Dudley, Sheri Leigh O’Connor, and Rick Parsons, co-authors.

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

June 2012

  • Pre-Conference Workshop: • “How to Ensure That Students Prepare for Class So That Class Time Can Be Used For Deep Learning” — Lynn Gillette
  • “Selling New Concepts Across the Department” — Kathryn Davis (Huston-Tillotson University), Lynn Gillette, Robert Gillette (University of Kentucky)

June 2011

  • “Transforming Business Professionals Into Effective Teachers” — Rick Normington, Atul Minocha, and Lynn Gillette
  • “Raising Retention For Business Students Using Peer Mentoring” — Erika Gillette, Henry Conover, and Lynn Gillette
  • “Leveraging “Place” To Increase Student Enrollment” — Kendra Wong
  • “How to Ensure That Students Prepare For Class So That Class Time Can Be Used For Deep Learning” — Lynn Gillette
  • “Communicating Concisely and Effectively with Senior Leaders” — Keith Hansen, Richard Normington, and Shannon Huddy