I would like to tell you about some things that are unique and incredible about learning at Sierra Nevada College. You have probably heard plenty about how Lake Tahoe—and our campus—is a great place to live. But I believe it is our approach to learning that truly distinguishes us as a college. In short, this is an incredible school in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

At SNC, each faculty and staff member is committed to a strong Active Learning culture, in which students learn by doing things, not just by listening to lectures. While you are a student here, you won’t just gain knowledge, you’ll apply it. This is special in itself, but even more extraordinary is that we do it this way as a result of a deeper belief that learning should be a transformative experience for students. We engage not just minds, but also hearts, so that students are truly present at their own education. Put simply, we combine student-centered, innovative and active teaching methods with personal interaction to produce extraordinary learning experiences for our students.

You will read on this website about many examples of our hands-on learning experiences, because that is what we are doing every day, in every course, and even outside of our classrooms. What I want you to do is recognize that each example you see demonstrates our deep commitment to changing students’ lives through engaged, transformative learning.

Thank you for visiting us online, and I hope you will visit us on campus soon.

President Lynn G. Gillette