Chair, Academic Affairs Committee


Chairman and CEO of BG Radia Corporation, Research Professor of Atmospheric Physics.

Prof Kocmond brings extensive senior-level management experience to the SNC Board and has directed operations of companies ranging from a few scientists and engineers to several hundred professionals. With a mathematics degree from the University of Arizona and a masters in meteorology from Penn State University, Kocmond went on to become Head of Atmospheric Physics at Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory when he was 29.

In 1978 Kocmond was named Executive Director of Atmospheric Sciences at the Desert Research Institute and later Acting President of the Institute in 1983. While at DRI he was honored as one of a handful of scientists to have his experiments chosen for flight on board space shuttle’s Atmospheric Cloud Physics Laboratory (ACPL). In 1984 Prof Kocmond became President of Sierra Nevada Corp, a navigation and avionics firm specializing in proprietary product development. SNC is now the largest defense contractor in the state of Nevada. Currently he is Chairman and CEO of BG-Radia Corp, an award winning designer and manufacturer of high performance loudspeakers that qualify as some of the finest audio products in the world. He is a 36 year resident of Incline Village and is married to Janet Pahl, recognized as a long time friend of Sierra Nevada College.