Jim Davis is the president of Chevron Energy Solutions (CES), the first comprehensive energy efficiency services firm in the oil and gas industry.  Since 2000, Jim has built CES into one of the world’s leading energy efficiency and renewable energy services companies and the largest developer of solar power solutions for education facilities in North America.  Under Jim’s leadership CES has grown by 20 percent annually. Named a Top 50 firm by “Fast Company” magazine in 2009, CES partners with institutions and businesses to increase efficiency, reduce energy expenses and ensure high-quality power for critical operations.  Its customers include US federal, state, county and municipal government agencies; educational and other public institutions; and commercial and industrial businesses.  CES is based in San Francisco with offices across the US. Before joining CES, Jim served as senior vice president of Integrated Solutions for PG&E Energy Services, then one of the foremost energy services companies in the US serving major commercial, industrial and institutional accounts.  The success of this business led to its purchase by Chevron in 2000, creating Chevron Energy Solutions.

Earlier in his career, Jim served as senior vice president of Marketing and Sales at Duke/Louis Dreyfus, where he led the company’s expansion into value-added services.  He also managed global, national and regional account teams for two natural gas marketing firms, providing integrated solutions to industrial accounts. In 2004, Jim was honored as the Northern California winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Award for Social Responsibility and has since then served as a national judge for the EOY competition.  Jim spearheaded Chevron’s $500,000 sponsorship of the University of California at Davis Energy Efficiency Center (EEC) in 2007, leading to Chevron’s $2.5 million endowment of the EEC chair in 2009.  In addition to his role on the EEC’s Advisory Board, he is a board member of the Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization and of Telekenex, a Silicon Valley-based Internet Protocol service provider. Through experience, skill and discipline, Jim has built a successful business that is recognized as Chevron’s innovative developer of clean energy projects benefiting educational institutions and municipal customers across the US.  In the process, Jim has developed an excellent network of colleagues in a wide range of industries including venture capital firms, technology companies and Fortune 100 corporations.  Jim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a major in marketing from The Ohio State University.