2013 Student Symposium results

The 2013 Student Symposium was held last night. The event is the culminating academic event of the year and a wonderful display of active learning in action. The student projects were impressive examples of research and applied learning.

Special thanks are extended to President Lynn Gillette, Provost Shannon Beet, Faculty Chair Dan O’Bryan, the judges, faculty mentors, and students who came to support the students.

Event images by student-photographer Eliza Demarest can be viewed on Flickr.

2013 Winners:


1st  Place: Savannah Hoover

Humanities and Social Sciences Department: Interdisciplinary Studies
Project Title:  Transcribing the Experience
Prize Money – $3,000
Voting Results:  45.00 out of a possible 50

2nd Place: Jake Pollock (tie)

Humanities and Social Sciences  Department: Interdisciplinary Studies
Project Title: Creating a Student Driven Magazine (SDM)
Prize Money: $1,125
Voting Results: 44.889 out of a possible 50

2nd Place: Christopher Ryan Byrge and Kolina Coe

Science and Technology Department
Project Title: A Comparison of Bird Diversity Between Mono Lake and Walker Lake
Prize Money: $1,125
Voting Results: 44.889 out of a possible 50

People’s Choice Award: Nick Cahill and Trevor Jackson

Humanities and Social Sciences Department
Project Title: Creative Communication: Venture Exposure through New Media Marketing
Prize Money: $750
Voting Results:  19 votes representing 18% of total