2013-2014 Common Read featuring Tobias Wolff’s novel Old School

Through Sierra Nevada College’s Common Reading program, everybody on campus reads the same book each Fall, and it is used in a variety of our classes and activities. Each book selection reinforces the core values of Sustainability, the Liberal Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Preparedness. The Common Reading program is one of the many ways SNC encourages a strong sense of community and shared experience around these values among students, faculty, and staff.

This year’s selection is Tobias Wolff’s novel, Old School, a coming of age story in which a teenager goes through the process of maturing from adolescence to young adulthood.  Special events reinforce the book’s common themes and events.

Featured Speaker

September 6, TCES 139-141, 7:00pm

Writer’s Workshop

September 7, TCES 139-141, 9:00am-12pm

The reading is free and open to the public. The workshops can be taken for credit and is also free to students. There is a $50 registration fee for community members. Contact Librarian Betts Markle at 775-881-7501 or library@sierranevada.edu for more information.